Starting the new year, most people’s resolution is to hit the gym, get fit, and achieve that “summer body.” Although they’ve probably been sticking to their new routine, they most likely designated a cheat day once a week or once a month.

Ending on Feb. 15, Cheat Day Land is a pop up museum designated to allow people to indulge in their sweet and savory cravings. The lobby, behind the doors in an alley, is decorated with a wall of blue sky and clouds as guides wait for you to check in and to take you through the tour.

The museum is made up of seven sections. Each section has two or three rooms and a plethora of “sweet” photo opportunities with the guides who more than willing to take pictures of you and your friends with inspirational quotes about deserts.

My favorite section of the entire museum was the second section. Before entering, we are all required to take off our shoes because it is a “no shoe zone.” A fuzzy pink carpet covers the floor of the first room while big pieces of chocolate are hung on the wall.

Walking into the next room, we are greeted with a bowl of cereal. Attached to the bowl is a ladder, where we were able to climb and jump in. Inside the bowl are plush pieces that act as cereal with a big spoon. On the wall is a painted bottle of milk that makes it look like it’s being poured.

Going through each section, there is always something interactive to do such as climb on a doughnut rock wall, pull a Miley Cyrus and perform “Wrecking Ball” on a doughnut hanging from a chain, or jump up and down on a trampoline.

I think the coolest thing was at the end of the tour. The last room is entered while going down the slide. Once you grab your bearings and stand up, you realize that you just came out of the poop emoji, which I think is pretty boomerang worthy.

Once the tour is finished, we head out into the reception area where they have sweets for everyone to enjoy. On a cocktail table are gummy candy, doughnuts, and there’s even a cereal station.

This pop up museum is definitely unique in its own way and was a a lot of fun. If you have the chance to attend before it leaves, I highly recommend exploring it and enjoying it with friends and making new memories.