The holiday season is coming up along which also means it is the season of seasonal jobs. Applications are never easy. It’s every millennial’s nightmare having to deal with expectations that are way too high. The whole process of having to apply and never getting the callback because someone else with more experience happens to get it instead, even when the job is entry level.
It’s not fair, and you can’t expect anyone to build up their resume without a chance to work. How many times have you heard someone older than you saying, “How come you can’t just get a job like I did when I was your age?” Well listen, Barbara, times are a-changing and not always for the best.
School is stressful and there’s no work available for first-timers, which can greatly weigh on someone and affect their mental health – which reduces their chance of continuing to look for work, much less being hired. Often,  a person’s first job is a referral from a family member who is already working somewhere, or from a very cool friend. We hear this a lot: millennials want everything on a silver platter. But trust us, we very much like getting things on our own silver platters.
This article is in no way saying to lose hope! Instead, it’s a pep talk to get out there and keep applying. Also remember that volunteering is important! Companies are interested in your smiles but also your seriousness, so if you’re desperate for a job, be prepared to work hard for it! Below are a few more tips to help you score that job and a little extra spending money.